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FanArt vs OriginalArt (English)

FanArts vs. OriginalArts?
What a tricky subject this is. From copyright and its laws, until the moment we have all seen the little fingers up or the hearts or subscribers of more for the fans, is a very complicated issue and that many have not asked.

First, what is one and what is the other?:"Fanart and fanfiction are terms that refer to art and narrative created for fans of movies, characters, video games, animation and literary works, they are a way of paying tribute to works of preference, not lucrative" (Lugo, 2009).
or for those who like Wikipedia: Fan Art or fan art is a concept that can be used in English for works of art, mainly visuals, which are based on characters, eras, costumes or others that the artist takes from previously created universes by a third party
Original art would be an opposite term, something of its own, not based on third-party creations or previous works made by another artist.
So what happens?artists, movies, series, among other things and creations have a degree of popularity, some more than others,
what makes an illustration about this more recognized, because people have an idea of ​​the product that is presented to them. What compared to an OriginalArt, which may have a better history, a better context, even a totally innovative approach is confined to other good ideas, so it is not as well known or popular.
So, then, the person that make a fanArt, other they cheer and follow (it's always more viral). And we end up in situations like this (as LoulouVZ in DevianArt say):

Contenido original vs fanart by LoulouVZThis becomes a challenge for the illustrated artists, artists or new ideas. But it is not a question to be discouraged. At some point that which is so popular, so exalted, started from below;What remains to be done? to all others who publish originalArt, learn, improve, to accept the criticisms (good, bad, or rather to improve) and keep doing originalArts, despite everything.
That is, is the FanArt bad?It depends, on the artists and illustrators that I know what they really did it FanArt, just like little kids from school. I love that serious, I love those little dolls, I love those caricatures ... and that love, I ended up wanting to draw them and listen to their creator. Sure, that's how we learned and improved it. But you always You have to make a space for all of the original creations, which I sometimes see that a small child does, and many dismiss them as being rare or unusual. Why? Let's give them an opportunity.
Let's give the originals a chance. Art, maybe, we get caught more than we think and we still do not know. Practice with the fanArt, follow them (there is a good name in social networks) but always create your style and give chance to the original designs. And if you do both or just one of the two, think a bit about this reflection.

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